About the Muifel Brewery

The creation of the Muifel brewery

It all started in 2002 in Megen. Martin had been home brewing beer for a few years and found out that people liked his beers. The home brews were never sold but then what happened in 2006: a first real order. Panic! An advertising agency from Den Bosch knocked on Martin's door and wanted to have a great Christmas present for its customers. This advertising agency had tasted the Zuster Agatha and they wanted 500 liters of it. But as a home brewer, brewing 500 litres .. how! That's too much to take on at ones!
Martin founded the Muifel brewery to start taking orders. The question at first was how do we produce the 500 liters of Zuster Agatha?! Martin went on a hunt to find and soon found the Maasland brewery in Oss. Eventually the first brew of Zuster Agatha was produced and bottled in large (150cl) bottles and the Muifel brewery was a fact! And now….many years later, we have a great brewery in the Vikingenstraat in Oss. Here the Muifels are developed, tasted and evaluated and of course brewed in their own brewing kettles!

What is a Muifel?
What really is a Muifel? Its not a thing and its not just an object, what what is Muifel?
The origins of the Muifel brewery were carved out from a different cask. Martin's first brew was fermented in the picturesque village of Megen, just north of the town Oss. As a hobby brewer, Martin’s adventure began by brewing a copy of the successful Belgian beer Duvel. Of course, this homebrew required its own name. The Belgian brand Duvel means Devil. In Dutch the word translates to Duivel, although if we were to stick to our local dialect it would be pronounced Duvel, like the Belgian brand. For obvious reasons, Martin had to come up with a different name and called for help from his friends. After drinking a few of these ‘Duvel’ homebrews, one of them asked the question: “Does anyone know what a Megen’s Devil is?” There was only silence in reply, until one of them said, “That would be a Muifel.” From that day on, a new brand was born. This beer from Megen, a clone of Duvel or Duivel, had adopted the name Muifel.

What does the Muifel Brewery stand for?
"Passion and top quality in one glass. Delicious local craft beers from Brabant."
The Muifel brewery has developed over the years and is currently brewing 16 different beers. And these beers have also been in the spotlight a number of times. In 2015, for example, the rich quadrupel Sister Agatha was named "Tastiest Beer in Brabant". But that didn't stop there, because in 2016, 2018 and 2019 D'n Ossebock was named "Tastiest Bockbier of the Netherlands".
The range has a strong base with the Quadrupel Sister Agatha, the Tripel Broeder Everardus and the Blonde beer D'n Ossekop. In addition, the Muifel brewery brews a number of striking beers such as an Imperial Stout Black Bastard, the unique Whisky beer Beerskey but also an Alcohol-Free IPA CraAzy IPA.

Who's behind the Muifel brewery?
The Muifel brewery was built by Martin Ostendorf; he has worked for many years besides his job on the Muifel brand and the beers. Martin has also received all the support from his modest wife Inge, who supports him in everything that happens in and around the brewery. In addition, there is a great group of volunteers who give their support to the brewery in their own way!

⦁ Martin Ostendorf - Eigenaar/Manus van Alles
⦁ Inge Wijker - The Administration Chief
⦁ Dorus van der Vleuten - Brewing Hero
⦁ Willem-Jan van der Heijden - Brewer
⦁ Team of Great Volunteers

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